Is this Vancouver Whitecaps' new home kit? Anniversary strip 'leaked' on social media

The rumoured new kit, 'leaked' on social media (Image:  @GlassCityFC /Twitter)

The rumoured new kit, 'leaked' on social media (Image: @GlassCityFC/Twitter)

Vancouver Whitecaps' new 'Anniversary Kit' has been leaked on social media - and fans may be surprised by the collar.

The retro number has been doing the rounds on Twitter as the 'Caps prepare for the new campaign.

The picture shows a white shirt, complete with Adidas branding, official Vancouver Whitecaps club crest, and Bell sponsorship.

The shirt brought mixed reactions from fans on social media.

"Freaking Love it!" One fan said. "I'm praying for blue shorts."

Another said, "This would make it 10,000 x times better."

One supporter said, "The collar is bad though."

While another said, "No collar at all would be the best."

2019 is the 40th anniversary of Vancouver Whitecaps FC's 2-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rowdies in the final of the original NASL Cup, colloquially known as the Soccer Bowl, and this kit is heavily inspired by that worn by Trevor Whymark, Alan Ball, and Bob Lenarduzzi.

"This is the best Whitecaps kit yet," said one supporter.

"The contrast of the collar makes this even better; really interested to see the back. This is a must buy," added another.

The collar continued to split opinion, as one said, "I love this so much. Also, I can wear to the office because it has a collar!  Double-win!"

Vancouver Whitecaps FC.jpg

And another added, that it was "nice to see the hoop and collar back. It always was a classic look. The present shirt lacks pizzazz and history. This brings it back and, albeit with the necessary promo, should be kept, along with blue shorts."

But another focused on the collar, "Not a collared shirt fan."

Still, the overall impression was well, as another said it was the "best Jersey in the League."

"These are perfect. Never change these," echoed another.

Personally, we're fans of collared shirts on football kits, but that has not been the modern trend.

Vancouver has always prided itself on being at the height of fashion. Perhaps this will be one more feather in our trend setting cap. Either way, the 'Caps have a hit on their hands.

No matter what happens on the pitch in what may be a difficult season, at least they'll look good.