Major League players prepared and will go on strike

Tyler Green

Tyler Green

The Major League officially kicks off on March 6th, 2015... or does it? Talks on a new collective bargaining agreement between the league and the Players Union don't appear to be going well.

At the forefront, free agency is the biggest stumbling block, according to Vancouver Whitecaps FC defender and Players Union representative Jordan Harvey, "I'm not going to go into detail on any of the issues, but I think a lot of guys have spoken up... and our team is no different. We stand united with all the guys who have spoken up, and particularly about free agency." 

The players want free agency, and are willing to go on strike if an agreement is not reached by the beginning of the season.

"If free agency isn't put on the board, then absolutely," said Harvey.

United States Men's National Team and Toronto FC midfielder Michael Bradley said, "we are united as a group to make real progress in terms of the way players get treated in this league."

Player treatment has been described as anything from the league minimum salary; hotel standards; food allowance during road trips; and free agency.

Players Union executive director Bob Foose told us that "given where things stand at the moment and all that is going on, I’m not able to comment."

However, a source with knowledge of the negotiations told us that "the players are willing to go on strike, preparing to go on strike, and if things don't change soon, will go on strike."