Canadians Update Crest for 2014

When the Canadians take to the field this summer, they'll be sporting a slightly different look. The Canadians crest has undergone a plethora of minor revisions, including replacing the apostrophe with a maple leaf, changing the colour of the upper "stitching", adding shadows, reducing the amount of grey, and introducing a new two tone of red in the "C" and the "S" in the centre.

Another addition will be the inclusion of a Mountie character. "Baseball goes back more than a century here in Vancouver and we understand our responsibility to preserve the integrity of the game," said owner Jake Kerr. "Our fans have always had an affection with the teams that have come before us like the Capilanos and Mounties and we thought it would be nice to show our respect to those who paved the way for our current success both on and off the field."

The Canadians revealed that in the coming weeks, the club will use an online contest to determine the name of the Mountie-inspired character.